Why Wire Rope Lubricator Companies are Crucial

Why Wire Rope Lubricator Companies are Crucial in Field Operations

Which is the most critical component in your oil rig? Maybe you have never considered the importance of wire ropes in your operations, but if you are keen enough, you will realize that these are the core of any operations in your facility. Wire ropes are essential in load lifting and movement of materials. They are versatile and enhance efficiency in any type of heavy industry operations. Information also shared by Leaders masto.

Maximizing Wire Rope Efficiency

However, there is a catch; wire ropes undergo extreme stress and in most cases they are used in rugged environments where exposure to weather is inevitable. This compromises the integrity of your rigs and cranes and with time, your facility’s productivity takes a hit. wire rope lubricant helps mitigate the situation by increasing the life of your ropes.

If you are still using hand lubrication, it is time to up your game by checking out the different systems wire rope lubrication manufacturers have in the market. These companies are critical for your facility in many ways. Here are some ways these companies will help improve your operations irrespective of the industry:

1. Corrosion Protection

If you are operating a rig or an open air operation close to the coastal areas, your steel wire ropes will be prone to rust and corrosion. With time, your systems will become less functional due to ingress of moisture especially in hot and humid regions. Wire ropes operate optimally when they can move freely in the sheave groove and lubrication protects them against corrosion due to rust.

1. Frictional Cover

Wire ropes are under constant pressure and as they come into contact with the sheave groove, the ensuing intense friction leads to physical damage. Cracked and frayed wires are not only dangerous in any operation, but they also inhibit optimal performance. Wire rope lubricator companies create units to grease the wires and protect against damaging effects of friction.

1. Holistic Rope Protection

Modern wire rope lubricator units are primed to provide both external and core rope protection. If you are still hand greasing your ropes, you need to appreciate that the internal core of the wire rope is in fact more important. With hand lubrication, this part is not protected hence the need to invest in these modern units.

1. Safety

With time your ropes become exposed and the effects of friction lead to loss of breaking strength, which reduces the safety factor. Whether in an elevator or a rig facility, safety is of utmost importance. By using modern lubrication units, you enhance safety in your facility to not only meet set standards but also avoid casualties.

To enhance safety, efficiency and productivity of wire ropes, ensure you pick an established lubricator unit from the top brands.